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Electric - Plug-in Wall Oil Diffuser Lamps
They are designed for fragrance oil or therapeutic essential oil.

Aroma Lamps are designed to scent a large room, office, dorm or even a small home

Plug-in Wall Oil Diffuser Lamps


Electric - Oil Diffusers Lamps
Fragrance your home, office or dorm with fragrance oils without an open flame.
Includes an on-off dimmer switch. Aroma Lamps can be used wherever you wish a concentrated fragrance.

Electric Oil Lamp Diffusers

 Fragrance Oil
Our Home Fragrance Oils can also be used in your office & car. They can be used for: Oil Burners, Lamp Rings, Auto, Sachets, Potpourri, Melt & Pour Soaps, Incence making & so much more.
 Body Oil
Our body oils are 100% alcohol free unlike the designer perfumes bought in stores.
Guaranteed to last longer as well!
Each 1/3 bottle comes with a roll on applicator.

 Essential Oil
Our Essential oils are 100% undiluted. Essential oils are perfect for aromatherapy.
The quality of these oils are top notch. Compare our quality!
1/2 oz Essential Oils

Incense Sticks
PREMIUM HIGH QUALITY incense sticks, alcohol free,

and soaked for 24 hours in
PURE high quality

fragrance oils.

100 Colored Incense Stick Packs

 Electric Oil Diffusers Lights (NEW)
Beautiful New Style
Aroma Lamp Lights can be used wherever you wish a concentrated fragrance.

Free oz fragrance oil with every burner purchase.


Nag Champa Incense
The Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense is a masala based fragrance which creates a deep meditative atmosphere and has a musky sweeyness with a flowery top note.

Nag Champa Incense


Light Ring Set
One x Light Ring + One x 1/2 oz bottle of
fragrance oil + One x Dropper for $3.50

Light Ring + Plastic Dropper + Fragrance Oil


Incense Stick & Cone Holder & Diffusers
Hand carved wooden incense Coffin Box not only stores incense, it is also a burner for both cones and incense.
Sled Ash Catchers come in various designs and patterns.

Coffin Box Style Incense Burner & HolderSled Incense Ash Catcher

 Hem Incense Sticks
HEM is world famous for its Precious line of traditional Indian Incense.

White Sage Smudge
High Quality Californian White Sage Smudge. Also known as Buffalo Sage. California White Sage -Salvia Apiana- is also known as Sacred Sage, White Sage, and Sacred White Sage.

 AccessoriesAccessories - Light Ring
Light Rings
Accessories - Replacement Glass & Metal Bowls
Replacement Dish



Multi Butter Soap 5oz Bar
African Black Soap 5oz Bar


Charcoal Tablets
Each roll consists of 10 charcoal disks that measure 38mm and are fast lighting with a smooth long average burn time of one hour Swift lite charcoal is well known for their quality product and is a favorite to keep the fires burning for sage, incense & resins.


Incense Powder
St Michael (San Miguel)
7 African Powers
Fast Luck Love
Go Away Evil

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